The Friends of the Church of the Cross organ

Throughout his career, the german organ builder Albert Hollenbach only built three organs with three manuals. Two of these were to be found in Bergen (The Cathedral and The Church of the Cross). The latter is the only one which remains.

A new organ was installed in the church in autumn 1892. This had 38 stops and was built by Albert Hollenbach (1850 - 1904), based in Neu Ruppin, Brandenburg, north of Berlin. Hollenbach had previously worked for Lütkemüller, Ladegast and Walcker before establishing his own workshop in the summer of 1877. He built around 120 organs, 27 of these in Norway.

The Friends organisation was founded on 13th January 2005. It's aim is to best maintain the interests surrounding the Hollenbach organ in The Church of the Cross, its history, uniqueness and use. This is done by:

  • Promoting regular use of the instrument, including concerts.
  • Ensuring the organ is properly maintained such as it always presents itself as a respectable music instrument.
  • Collating information on the instrument's history and distinctiveness.
  • Researching national and international sources connected with the instrument and organ builder Albert Hollenbach.